Mit folgender Routine, gefunden im COE-Forum, lässt sich das ausgewählte(blaue) Produkt/Part in einem Produkt bestimmen:

Option Explicit
'Autor: The GEL
'RE: Active Document and UI Active Object
'June 7, 2011 09:32 PM (in response to The GEL)

'The code is as follows:

Sub CATMain()
   MsgBox "The UI Active Object is: " & GetUIActiveObject.Name
End Sub

Function GetUIActiveObject() As Variant
   Dim oSel As Selection

   Set oSel = CATIA.ActiveDocument.Selection

   oSel.Search ("type=*,in")                          'Select the UI Active Component and the children of it only
   Set GetUIActiveObject = oSel.Item2(1).Value

End Function

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