This macro  will determine the 'MinimalVersionToRead' of the selected CatDocs and display them in a sortable listview.

You start the macro by either dragging directories/files from explorer on to the icon

or, if the program window has already been opened, by dropping items onto the form.

Batch mode should work, although the macro was not conceived to.

The program evaluates the parameters passed on startup as well as the names of the dropped files/directories.

All files ending with '.CAT*' will be inspected. When dropping file/directory names onto the program icon please keep in mind, that the routine expects a blank between the different names. Blanks within the file names/paths will lead to errors and cause the macro to misinterpret the file names. When dropping files/dirs onto the opened form, blanks have no adverse effect.

Release Notes Version 1.5:

Version 1.2 had no sorting capabilities.

Pre-2002 created Catia files caused an error.

Reason: The step from V5R7/8 to V5R8/9 (2002) obviously came with an additional change in the file format. Pre-2002 Catia documents simply do not state the 'MinVersionToRead' in their data and therefor cannot be found. Both issues were addressed in V1.5.

Instead of a simple listbox now a sortable ListView is used.

Release Notes Version 1.6:

Added the column 'Last Version Saved'.

Reason: A Catia document showing a MinimalversionTo Read of V5R14(eg) may have been created using V5R15SP20.

Version V5R14SP0 would not be able to handle that file.

Program execution:

The makro reads a chunk of the file and searches for 'CATSummaryInformation' and, if found, for 'MinimalVersionToRead'.

If 'CATSummaryInformation' was not found within the first chunk of data, the next chunk will be inspected. If need be, the entire file will be searched.

Code snippet to find 'MinimalVersionToRead':

' Procedure : GetCatiaRelease
' Author    : jherzog
' Date      : 10.08.2015
' Time      : 20:00
' Languages : VB6 Pro SP6
' V5-Release: V5R19/21
' Purpose   : Find 'MinimalVersionToRead' - entry
' Parms     : strFileFullPath:   fully qualified filename (= path + file)
' Ret. Value: - Found entries are added to list1 listbox
' Syntax    : GetCatiaRelease strFN
' Prereqs   : the name of a Catia-file
' Remarks   : If 'lChunkSize' is too small on the first pass, it is increased.
'           : If EOF is reached and Version/Release is still not found
'           : 'VERSION NOT FOUND' is added to list
' V1.6:
'  - Spalte 'Last Version Saved' hinzu;
'  - CATVERSION_Type, lsv, fsv hinzu;
'  - Auswertung von SP, HotFix, CATBuildLevel hinzu;
'  - Sprungmarke auf 'CATSummaryInformation' oder 'MinimalVersionToRead' erweitert

Sub GetCatiaRelease(strFileFullPath As String)
   Dim lFSize As Long                                      'file size
   Dim lStart As Long                                      'start position of data
   Dim lPos As Long
   Dim lFilePointer As Long                                'starting pos for setfilepointer
   Dim strTmp As String                                    'string read from file holding file's data
   Dim strMinVersionRead As String
   Dim strLastVersion As String                            'includes version, release, servicepack, hotfix
   Dim strBuildLevel As String                             'date and time
   Dim strFileName As String                               'file name
   Dim strHeader As String                                 'first 16 bytes of files
   Dim strMsg As String
   Const lChunkMid As Long = &H100000                      '1Mb
   Const lChunkSmall As Long = &H4000                      '16k
   Const lChunkBig As Long = &H1000000                     '16Mb
   Dim lChunkSize As Long                                  'chunk size
   Dim bEOF As Boolean                                     'eof-flag
   Dim iDelta As Integer                                   'lfilepointer displacement

   Dim lsv As CATVERSION_Type                              'last saved version
   Dim fsv As CATVERSION_Type                              'first streamed

   On Error GoTo GetCatiaRelease_Error

   strFileName = Right$(strFileFullPath, _
                        Len(strFileFullPath) - InStrRev(strFileFullPath, "\"))   'strip path
   lFSize = FileLen(strFileFullPath)                       'get file size

   'read header; read last chunk and search for MinimalVersionToRead
   strHeader = ReadChunkToString(strFileFullPath, 16, 0&, bEOF)   'read header

   If Left$(strHeader, 7) <> "V5_CFV2" Then                'check for catia file sig
      If strHeader = "ERROR" Then                          'eg. open file error
         strMsg = "FILE READ ERROR"
         strMsg = "NOT A CATIA DOC"                        'ending begins with 'CAT', but no sig found
      End If

      AddLVEntry strFileName, strMsg, "N/A"                'add to list

      Exit Sub                                             'if not catia file, skip read
   End If

   lChunkSize = lChunkMid
   lFilePointer = lFSize - lChunkSize                      'set file pointer to last chunk
   If lFilePointer < 0 Then lFilePointer = 0               'no negative pointers
   Do                                                      'read file til release or eof found
      strTmp = ReadChunkToString(strFileFullPath, lChunkSize, lFilePointer, bEOF)

      If InStr(strTmp, "CATSummaryInformation") Then
         lStart = InStr(strTmp, "CATSummaryInformation")   'find summary info
         If InStr(strTmp, "MinimalVersionToRead") Then
            lStart = InStr(strTmp, "MinimalVersionToRead")   'find min version2read
            iDelta = 300
         End If
      End If
      If lStart > 0 Then                                   'string found
         strTmp = ReadChunkToString(strFileFullPath, lChunkSmall, lFilePointer + lStart - iDelta, bEOF)

         lPos = InStr(strTmp, "LastSaveVersion")           'find entry
         If lPos > 0 Then                                  'found
            lPos = InStr(lPos, strTmp, "<Version>")        'find version
            If lPos > 0 Then                               'r10 uses different format; skip
               lsv.Version = Mid$(strTmp, lPos + Len("<Version>"), 1)   'works until version 10

               lPos = InStr(lPos, strTmp, "<Release>")     'find release
               lsv.Release = Mid$(strTmp, lPos + Len("<Release>"), _
                                  InStr(lPos, strTmp, "/<Release>") - Len("<Release>") - lPos)
               lPos = InStr(lPos, strTmp, "<ServicePack>")   'find ServicePack
               lsv.Servicepack = Mid$(strTmp, lPos + Len("<ServicePack>"), _
                                      InStr(lPos, strTmp, "/<ServicePack>") - Len("<ServicePack>") - lPos)
               lPos = InStr(lPos, strTmp, "<BuildDate>")   'find BuildDate
               lsv.BuildDate = Mid$(strTmp, lPos + Len("<BuildDate>"), _
                                    InStr(lPos, strTmp, "/<BuildDate>") - Len("<BuildDate>") - lPos)
               lPos = InStr(lPos, strTmp, "<HotFix>")      'find HotFix
               If lPos > 0 Then
                  lsv.Hotfix = Mid$(strTmp, lPos + Len("<HotFix>"), _
                                    InStr(lPos, strTmp, "/<HotFix>") - Len("<HotFix>") - lPos)
                  lsv.Hotfix = " n/a"
               End If

               strLastVersion = "V" & lsv.Version & " R" & lsv.Release & " SP" & lsv.Servicepack & " HF" & lsv.Hotfix
               strLastVersion = "N/A"
            End If
            strLastVersion = "N/A"
         End If

         If InStr(strTmp, "MinimalVersionToRead") Then     'find min version2read
            lPos = InStr(strTmp, "CATIA")                  'find entry
            strMinVersionRead = Mid$(strTmp, lPos, 10)     'read entry
            'if release is pre R10(one digit; insert '0' for sorting
            If Asc(Right$(strMinVersionRead, 1)) < &H30 Or _
               Asc(Right$(strMinVersionRead, 1)) > &H39 Then   'not a number; shorten entry
               strMinVersionRead = Left$(strMinVersionRead, 8) _
                                 & "0" & Mid$(strMinVersionRead, 9, 1)   'CATIAV5R9 zB
            End If
         Else                                              'is the build level there?
            If InStr(strTmp, "CATBuildLevel") Then
               lPos = InStr(strTmp, "CATBuildLevel")       'find build level
               strBuildLevel = "B/L: " & Mid$(strTmp, lPos + Len("CATBuildLevel") + 8, 10) _
                             & " " & Mid$(strTmp, lPos + Len("CATBuildLevel") + 19, 2) _
                             & ":" & Mid$(strTmp, lPos + Len("CATBuildLevel") + 22, 2)

               strMinVersionRead = strBuildLevel           'show build level instead of min version
               strMinVersionRead = "VERSION NOT FOUND"
            End If
         End If

         AddLVEntry strFileName, strMinVersionRead, strLastVersion   'add to list
         Exit Do                                           'quit
      Else                                                 'else increase chunk size
         lChunkSize = lChunkBig
      End If

      If bEOF = True Then                                  'if eof then
         AddLVEntry strFileName, "VERSION NOT FOUND", "N/A"   'add message to list
         Exit Do                                           'quit
      End If

      strTmp = ""                                          'free memory
      lFilePointer = lFilePointer - lChunkSize + Len("MinimalVersionToRead")
      If lFilePointer < 0 Then lFilePointer = 0            'no negative pointers allowed
   strTmp = ""                                             'free memory

   Exit Sub
   Dim errMsg As String
   Dim errRet As VbMsgBoxResult

   Select Case Err.Number
      Case 6                                               'überlauf/overflow;
         '         errMsg = Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description & " in procedure GetCatiaRelease" _
                   '         & vbCr & strFileFullPath
         '         errRet = MsgBox(errMsg, vbOKOnly, "GetCatiaRelease")
         AddLVEntry strFileFullPath, "OVERFLOW", "N/A"

         '       Case -2147467259
      Case Else
         errMsg = Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description & " in procedure GetCatiaRelease"
         errRet = MsgBox(errMsg, vbOKOnly, "GetCatiaRelease")
   End Select

   'Resume Next                                          'fall thru to quit sub
End Sub

' Procedure : ReadChunkToString
' Author    : jherzog
' Date      : 10.08.2015
' Time      : 20:00
' Languages : VB6 Pro SP6
' V5-Release: V5R19/21
' Purpose   : Read chunk of a file and assign to a string
' Parms     : strFN: Full path + name of file to read
'           : lChunk:   chunk size
'           : lFPtr:    file read pointer offset
' Ret. Value: the string holding the file's contents or "" or "ERROR"(file open error)
' Syntax    : strTmp = ReadChunkToString(strFileFullPath, lChunkSize, lFilePointer, bEOF)
' Prereqs   : an existing file
' Remarks   :
Private Function ReadChunkToString(strFN As String, lChunk As Long, lFPtr As Long, bEOF As Boolean) As String
   Dim lBytesRead As Long                          'number of bytes read
   Dim ret As Long                                 'return value from ReadFile; 0 or 1
   Dim hwndTextFile As Long                        'handle to opened file
   Dim lFSize As Long                              'file size
   Dim TempStr As String                           'string to hold data
   On Error GoTo ReadChunkToString_Error

   'open the file
   hwndTextFile = CreateFile(strFN, GENERIC_READ, 0, 0, _
   If hwndTextFile <> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE Then    'if we have a valid handle
      ret = SetFilePointer(hwndTextFile, lFPtr, 0&, FILE_BEGIN)
      TempStr = String$(lChunk, Chr$(0))         'init placeholder for data string
      ret = ReadFileByNum(hwndTextFile, TempStr, _
         lChunk, lBytesRead, 0)                    'read file into string
      If ret <> 0 Then                             'read was successful
         ReadChunkToString = TempStr
         TempStr = ""
      End If
      If lChunk <> lBytesRead And ret <> 0 Then
         bEOF = True
      End If
      CloseHandle hwndTextFile                     'close handle
      Exit Function                                'and quit
   End If
   'fall through to error message
   ReadChunkToString = "ERROR"                      'tempstr is empty; fileopen error?

Exit Function
   Dim errMsg As String
   Dim errRet As VbMsgBoxResult

   Select Case Err.Number
'       Case 438
'       Case -2147467259
       Case Else
         errMsg = Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description & " in procedure ReadChunkToString"
         errRet = MsgBox(errMsg, vbOKOnly, "ReadChunkToString")
   End Select
   ReadChunkToString = "ERROR"
   'Resume Next                                          'fall thru to quit sub

End Function


A word on the MinimalVersionToRead entries:

Entry: Meaning:

Catia-documents: CATDrawing, CATPart, CATProduct, as well as

CATShape, Catalog, CATMaterial, CATSystem, ...

Version Not Found Catia - Doc with 'V5_CFV2' - header, but w/o 'MinVersionToRead' - entry (pre-2002)
Not a Catia Document All other '.CAT's, but w/o 'V5_CFV2'  header, eg. '.catscript'
Not a Catia File File ending <> 'CAT*'
 Error File could not be opened; read error. File may already be open.
 Overflow This error has been taken care of and should not appear. Occurred with pre-2002 files.




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