One of the most annoying jobs for a designer is dimensioning, especially if you need fits.

That was the reason for this macro  . It's purpose is to help with the task of tolerancing, but it cannot create a dimension itself.

A first look at the dialog:


The macro handles the most commonly used dimension properties.

If you do not know what 'IsoComb' looks like, check the preview.

The macro comes with three tolerance sets, each holding a different number of tolerance formats.

You specify a set by changing the variable 'iSet' in modDressDim.bas.

This should remain the sole and only code change, unless you really know what you are doing.

Selecting a tolerance type activates or deactivates parts of the dialog below.

You can open the macro first and then select dimensions using Multi-Select ...

... or first select the dimensions and then call the macro.

Or - with the macro running - change dimensions 'On the fly'. Just select the dimension(s) and change what ever you need.

You can add a frame ...

specifying if the frame should encompass the dimension or the dimension and the tolerance or everything.

Prefix/Suffix text and/or geometric tolerances ...

... and change the precision.

Please note:

Selecting one of the Iso-Combi-types will automatically change the precision to 0.001.

The default precision for numeric types is 0.1.


Copy feature:

The macro recognizes the settings of the first dimension selected and adjusts the dialog fields accordingly.

To copy those settings to the other selected dimensions simply click 'OK' or 'Apply'.



Although the tolerance values were repeatedly checked, a false value may still be possible.

I will not be held responsible for scrap parts due to wrongly machined tolerances.

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