ListGeoSet shows how to read the entries from a Catia-ListBox using the Windows Api,

demonstrated on a geometric Set  . The .vba supplies Userform and Module

ListGeoSet in action:



  • Before starting the macro select a geometric set(hilites the green 'Undo Arrow')
  • Start the macro
  • Click 'Read List'
  • -> Macro reads the List
  • Click 'Exit'

The script initiates the 'Reorder children' dialog for the geoset;

then, using the Api, determines the handles of the dialog window and its child controls.

Further commands using the Api read each single element within the 'Reorder' list and transfer the to the VB-ListBox.

A final Api call closes the 'Reorder' dialog.

This is what 'Spy++' has to say:

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