DrawNet   is a VB6-macro to create 2D grids in Catia V5 draw views.

This is what the result looks like:

The Makro Dialog

You can either start the macro from within Catia or the operating system.

   Syntax: DrawNet [-mbv]

The parameter '-mbv' includes the system views(Main + Background View).

You can adjust:

  • the selected view
  • the distance between grid lines
  • the font
  • the font size
  • the layer
  • Pick/NoPick
  • NotFixed/Fixed
  • Pre- or post XYZ

DrawNet will create grids for systemparallel views of assemblys and parts with CW/CCW(and linked)
axis systems, as well as 'Main'- and 'Background View'(if -mbv was set).
DrawNet will not create grids for ISO views, non systemparallel sections or views, that were created
rotated and turned. Views that were either turned or rotated will be handled.
If the rotation angle <> n*90°, the grid will be created without the XYZ coordinates.

Clicking the'Draw net' button starts the grid routine. First the view will be unlocked,
then updated(loading all affected parts), then centered. Next you will need to indicate the corner points of the grid.

'Erase' deletes a previously with DrawNet created grid in the selected view.

'Refresh' will reread the views and update the listbox accordingly.

The DrawNet Menue

Error messages like 'Not a Drawing' can be prevented from reoccurring. If you want to see them again,
just select 'Restore Error Messages' from the DrawNet menue.


Menue item 'About DrawNet' leads to this window:

A short translation of the dialog:

Anyone may use DrawNet free of charge, but not sell it.
Copywrite remains with the author.
Use at your own risk.


The 'Catia Info' button ...

shows the Catia Version, Release, SP as well as available products/licenses.

What DrawNet does not like

DrawNet determines the Catia object once at the start of the routine. Closing Catia, while DrawNet is running, will most likely crash DrawNet.

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